What We Stand For

We believe that Nature is the most important stakeholder in human economic activities. That is why we see our purpose in helping organisations understand, measure and manage their impact on the environment.

Mission & Values

Our Mission is to address and alleviate the triple threat of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

These are the principles that accelerate our progress together and underpin how we work:


Bringing in diverse stakeholders to drive change


Choosing courage over comfort and choosing what’s right over what’s easy


Use original ideas to turn roadblocks into opportunities in a fun way


Focus on what makes the greatest difference where it matters


Recognising that everyone has a different pace & perspective and bringing them along the journey

The Declaration of Interdependence echos our values – consider signing up too!

The Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who are dedicated to creating a future based on regenerative principles. We have worked as change-makers in business, governments and NGOs and now work together to support change-makers across a range of sectors. Our experience spans the academic, commercial and technical. This interweaving of expertise gives us a deep understanding of how to navigate the complexity of sustainability transition, keeping in mind pragmatic business sense and wider systems change.

Marina Bradford
Founder & Managing Director

The founder and strategy director at Bemari with cross-industry international experience supporting organisations to transition to more sustainable, restorative and distributive practices. With background in accounting, risk management, transformation management and sustainability, Marina's strength is in simplifying complexity to help engage and empower stakeholders across all levels to deliver collaborative problem solving and to catalyse change.

Elspeth Alexander
Senior Consultant

Elspeth is a senior consultant & water professional with 10 years experience, advising clients on topics that intersect climate, water & nature recovery. She specialises in working at the nexus of political, economic and environmental systems ‘joining the dots’ across and between water and other systems (e.g. climate-water, food-water-energy) to create meaningful insights, design technical interventions, facilitate complex stakeholder negotiations and develop system change strategies

Dr Matteo Cossutta
Lifecycle assessment (LCA) expert

Matteo’s background is in change management and he has an MSc and PhD from the University of Nottingham. Over the last 10+ years he has advised a number of organisations across industries on environmental analysis and improvement strategies for their products and operations.

Dr Mairi J. Black
Climate change, energy, land and agriculture systems expert

Mairi is an LCA practitioner with over 20 years of experience in bioenergy/ bio-refinery applications in agricultural and mixed forestry supply chains. She also focuses on carbon accounting modelling across a range of materials. Mairi is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL and the University of Surrey.

Laura Asnong
Sustainability and carbon consultant

Laura has been working in sustainability and climate change for the last 5 years, with experience working within large engineering firms to deliver sustainability strategies and assess the carbon impact of large infrastructure projects in the UK and Middle East. Laura specialises in carbon accounting, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions assessments in line with the GHG Protocol, corporate SECR reporting, and operational impact footprints.

Oksana Zheleznova
Marketing manager

With over 15 years of full-stack marketing expertise, Oksana is a digital strategist known for her deep understanding of the field. Her diverse skill set includes email campaigns, public relations, social media, and web design, and she excels in leading international teams to accomplish ambitious objectives. Committed to ethical marketing and sustainability, Oksana is passionate about helping businesses make a positive impact in a changing world.

Tanya Daye

Tanya brings two decades of experience in office support to her role at Bemari by maintaining seamless office operations and ensuring smooth financial processes. She takes great pleasure in contributing to a company committed to making a positive environmental impact within organizations.

Our Impact

We create positive change by amplifying positive social and environmental impacts of our clients. We also live the same principles In our day to day operations.

Our Impact Policy
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For every new client, we fund an equivalent of 0.5 tCO2 removal via a certified climate projects portfolio + fund planting of 25 mangrove trees.

Shall we grow a larger forest together?

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Collaboration is crucial in solving the important challenges, and our partnerships help bring the necessary skills and expertise together in shaping tailored solutions. In addition to a range of expert associates, some of the partnerships include:

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Bemari is a member, contributor and supporter of a number of networks and communities:

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