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Carbon Literacy


Accredited Carbon Literacy Training
for Beauty and Personal Care Brands

Do you work for a personal care brand and want to get a better understanding how your sector contributes to climate change and what you can do about it?

Do you want your employees to become certified Carbon literate citizens or perhaps you want your brand to certify as a Carbon Literate organisation? If so, we invite you to partake in our Climate Literacy course.

Here’s what previous participants said:

The workshop was perfectly put together… I especially loved the action toolkit

The best part was the community & toolkit!

The workshop was super interactive and informative without feeling overwhelming

Elspeth brilliantly facilitated the session: everyone had an opportunity to contribute

What the course entails?

Our first workshop focuses on the Personal Care sector. It is an 8-hour course across two half days, designed to equip you with the basic knowledge and skills required to become Carbon Literate as defined by the Carbon Literacy Project.

Certification is awarded following the successful completion of an approved Carbon Literacy course whereby each learner is awarded a uniquely-coded Carbon Literacy certificate to reference that achievement.

The course can be delivered for your team both online or in person. The price varies according to the format and number of participants, as more than one facilitator may be required for larger groups.

Why Carbon Literacy?

Here’s how carbon literacy will support your business:  

1. Opportunity to become Certified Carbon Literate citizens

A Carbon Literate citizen understands how climate change will affect them and the people around them, both geographically and within the Personal Care sector, over time.

A Carbon Literate citizen has acquired the knowledge and skills to develop their own responses to lowering their carbon footprint, whilst having the confidence to educate and share their knowledge with others.

2. It’s accessible

The course is designed to provide everyone - knowledgeable on the issue or not - with the basic understanding of climate change in a way that enables participants to take ownership of the subject matter. The first part of the course provides you with an understanding of the science behind greenhouse gases, climate change, and what actions directly and indirectly produce carbon emissions. The second part of the course focuses on enabling emissions reduction on an individual, community and organisational basis. You will leave with a better understanding of climate change, its impact globally, locally and within the personal care sector, as well as a better idea of what you can do in a personal and professional capacity.

3. Well-rounded knowledge

Whilst you learn about the science with a focus on carbon emissions, the course also explores interconnected impacts of climate change e.g. on social justice, to avoid ‘carbon tunnel vision’ learning.The course also provides you with the right resources so you can develop the strategies and skills for communicating climate action.

We will also be offering this course for other sectors - please enquire below should you have any suggestions!  

8 hour workshop
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