Climate Fresk by Bemari

Do you want to understand climate change but get lost in (or don’t have time to read) the tons of information out there? Do you half understand the science but not get the whole picture? If so, then we warmly invite you to our Climate Fresk workshop. Below is the individual sign up. If you would like us to run a workshop for a corporate team, please contact us at

What is the workshop?

It is a 3 hour science-based, gamified workshop that will provide you with an overview of the interconnected causes and consequences of climate change and help you to start thinking how to break the cycle of inaction.

Why Climate Fresk?

There are plenty of workshops and webinars on climate change, but three things make Climate Fresk unique.

1. It’s scientific

The Climate Fresk methodology enables us to access world-class climate science without the need to read complicated papers. The cards in the Climate Fresk are based on the science in the latest IPCC report.

The IPCC  is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change and their annual report is the global standard for climate science. The IPCC report is the data on which political and economic climate decisions are made at the highest level across the globe.

The problem with IPCC reports? They’re very long and complicated (and dare we say… a bit boring?) and thus only really read by a few people. But Climate Fresk makes the key science available to all in an engaging, 3 hour session.

2. It’s accessible

Everyone can do it. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t need to have a science-y background or already be engaged with climate change. The game is cleverly designed to enable everyone to learn the causes and consequences of climate change.

If you already work in the area of climate change, Climate Fresk is an accessible method for understanding the larger picture. Previous climate-savvy participants have said it helped them to ‘get out of their bubble’ when it comes to understanding and engaging with the wider impacts and interconnectivity of climate change.

3. It’s effective

Climate Fresk is highly engaging by design. This isn’t a lecture so you can’t just sit and listen (or, realistically, zone out)!

Through a gamified format you will collaborate with fellow participants to complete simple exercises which, when taken as a whole, provide the science you need to understand the causes and consequences of climate change. Through actively participating in the activities and being drip-fed information, it is much easier to absorb and understand the scientific information being shared.

What previous participants say:
“Really enjoyed how interactive and informative this workshop was and loved the chance to work with people from different sectors on such an important topic. Having the opportunity to learn about what actions we can take as individuals that can drive the greatest impact was also very useful.”

– Polly Lomas, Head of Strategy & Impact, Sustainable Tourism

“I enjoyed that there was a diverse knowledge group; it made this experience less intimidating.”

– Dr Nuhaila Al- Rawahi, Petroleum Development Oman

“It was very interactive (thus engaging and easy to retain) while dealing with a very scientifically intensive topic.”

– Anonymous Participant

Who facilitates the workshop?

The workshop will be facilitated by Elspeth Alexander. She has experience running online workshops which are both informative and fun!

Who can participate in the workshop?

Anyone over the age of 18 can attend. You can participate as an individual or why not bring your team? We can also run private workshops for groups up to fourteen.

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