Biodiversity Fresk

This fun and collaborative collage workshop helps you discover the systemic aspects, interconnected causes and consequences of biodiversity loss, and equip you with the right knowledge and tools to take constructive action.

Why the Biodiversity Collage?

Humanity is facing an unprecedented polycrisis of people, climate and nature. Of the 9 planetary boundaries, Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change are often called the twin crises or two ‘core boundaries’. This is because they are so intertwined, and also their combined effects on all other planetary boundaries are significant, accelerating negative impacts e.g. on water scarcity, ocean acidification and air pollution.

"The global rate of species extinction is already at least tens to hundreds of times higher than the average rate over the past 10 million years and is accelerating." IPBES, 2019

As the world has now crossed 6 of 9 planetary boundaries, it is critical for citizens and businesses to understand key challenges and opportunities linked to biodiversity loss, and how we can rapidly act to reduce negative impacts while enabling nature & ecosystem protection and restoration.

How does this work?

Similarly to the Climate Fresk, it is a 3 hour workshop divided as follows:

  • First, we seek to understand ecosystems. Divided into small groups, participants recreate an ecosystem and discover human impacts within it.
  • Second, we take time to organise the cards and find the links between them, to understand what biodiversity is, what it enables and what degrades it.
  • Then through the use of creativity, we turn the biodiversity collage into a piece of art, in order to present the work to the other groups
  • The last hour is used to reflect on learnings from the workshop, and collectively develop an action plan to stop biodiversity loss. The debrief is adapted to the objectives of each workshop.
Friday, January 19, 2024
3pm - 5pm
Online / In Person
Price per-person:
£ 5.00 GBP
(VAT included)
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